Pro Tip - Cleansing


Makeup, primers, sunscreen, pollution and the odd rouge hair products – Your skin can really take a smothering on the average day. While cleansing might seem like the most simple step of your skincare routine, if you’re not doing it right, you’re inviting breakouts and congestion, and denying your serums, treatments and moisturisers the best canvas to do their work. Find out if you’re doing it right by asking yourself the following questions:

First off, what have you done with the day?

Are you wearing a full face of makeup and sunscreen, or have you kept a clean face all day? If you’ve got a barrier of product on intending on staying, a cleansing oil is a perfect first step to emulsifying foundation, eye makeup and sun protection that wants to hang around. We love: Cosmedix’s Purity Solution cleansing oil.

How is your skin feeling?

As a woman in her late 20s, I’ve gone from oily skin to combination. My skin no longer loves an acne focused cleanser, and insteads needs lighter loving, otherwise I face the chance of a breakout brought out from irritation. If you’re not sure, our consultations include a variety of tests that allow us to see the state of your skin, including hydration and pigmentation levels. We love: As an all rounder, Aspect Gentle Clean is an easy, gentle cleanser focused on removing impurities without stripping the skin.

Do you REALLY need to be that mean?

If you wash your face with the vigour and speed of washing a dirty frypan – Stop. Being gentle to your face and taking your time to cleanse, using gentle circular strokes is not only making your skin routine a soothing part to the day, but also encourages gentle blood circulation and ensures you are being mindful and effective. As well as the obvious T Zone area, take time on the jawline and neck where sneaky makeup residue can hide and create congestion.

Got time for some extra love?

Try a warm damp towel as a final step to remove all final cleanser remaining on the skin. We know from experience this is a luxe time to relax, open pores and enjoy the feeling of clean skin – That’s why we include it in so many treatments!

Follow with your prescribed skincare routine and enjoy the results – no scrubbing required!