Treatment in focus: Dermastamp

If you’ve been around the beauty treatment bush before, you might know that microneedle treatments are a serious punch for a variety of skin problems that need an extra boost. At the pointy top end of the Me Skin and Body treatment list sits the DermaStamp – the most intense microneedle treatment with the deepest penetration. And by intense – I mean results. The pain factor was non existent.

My face has now been (sometimes literally) in the hands of manager Kate for a year, who has walked me through the MSB menu to wrangle my adult acne, dehydration spells and nourish my generally stressed out, modern lifestyle, sleep-when-I’m-dead-probably-in-my-makeup skin. With her gentle guidance and fantastic homecare regime, we’ve beaten the battle of the acne beast and have a new foe at play instead – scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Since these skin issues sit deeper, a course of more intense treatments is on the cards, and after two spins with Dermafrac, a microneedle treatment with no downtime, we decided to bring in the big guns to tackle deeper scarring on my cheeks. Enter Dermastamp.

Like all treatments, Dermastamp begins with a cleansed face, that is soon slathered in numbing gel to ensure no discomfort follows. Owner and Director Brooke talks me through the treatment while the gel goes to work “Dermastamp infuses the skin with hyaluronic acid while super fine microneedles stimulate collagen rebuilding, so your skin is getting an incredible boost now, while you’ll see the full results over the coming weeks”. A quick test to ensure the numbing has worked, and a cleansing swab is whipped around to ensure the microneedle tool can function comfortably as well as hygienically. With a pre numbed face, the treatment is reduced to a feeling akin to microdermabrasion – you can feel the tool moving around your face with a mild dragging sensation, and feel it buzz, but the experience was never close to pain, even along my overly sensitive jawline. It’s not until I see my face as we add the treatment to the Instagram Story that I see the real intensity of the treatment – I look like I’ve been sandpapered!

During and after - An interesting look at the office!

Post treatment balm and SPF is liberally applied, and Brooke goes over logical steps – avoid hot water, don’t touch your face, be gentle and keep out of the sun – and as my current regime is full of vitamin A and other actives, I picked up a Dermaquest Peptide Booster serum (in store only) and have a sample pot of the post treatment balm to apply after gently cleansing with my HG cleanser Aspect Purastat. Released onto the streets, my skin is hot-cold much like after dermafrac when the numbing gel begins to wear off, however the depth of the treatment is much more obvious as my beetroot face continues to stick around as I walk home to Richmond. Lying in bed that night, my cheek is a little tender against the pillow but doesn’t stop me from sleeping and in the morning the sensation is gone. Brooke tells me to anticipate dryness and possibly peeling as the skin begins to renew, and on cue my skin becomes dull and dry but thankfully no peeling to manage. Under mineral makeup, this stage is easily covered up and within a few days I begin to see my usual post-MSB glow return.

Six weeks on, the results are stunning. Pigmentation around my chin and mouth is reduced and in some cases eradicated. The deeper scarring on my cheeks has softened immensely, making foundation sit better and look more even. Were I seeking a treatment to help with slackened skin, I would choose Dermastamp, as I feel my jawline and cheekbone areas to be plump and toned, with the skin feeling incredibly firm below.

Six weeks after- glowing, even skin!


What: A microneedle treatment designed to infuse the skin with hyaluronic acid while stimulating collagen production

Why: Incredible for acne scars, pigmentation, slackened skin, fine and deep lines and wrinkles, large pores and stretch marks

How Often: 3- 6 sessions with 6 weeks between for maximum results, but fantastic rejuvenation after only 1 can be seen

How much: Single treatment $450 Series of 3 $1150 Series of 6 $1999

Book: Call 03 9827 9181 or email for more information