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BioRePeel is here!

This treatment can be done year round so won’t affect your social commitments. Switch out your laser facials to BioRePeel this Summer!
BioRePeelCl₃ is different to any other peel on the market and is a complete solution for anti-ageing, pigmentation, acne and sun damaged skin.
Contains: 35% Trichloroacetic Acid (aka TCA), alpha, beta and poly hydroxy acids, antioxidants and amino acids.
It's unique formulation bypasses the epidermal layer to revitalise and rejuvenate the skin from within.
Minimal to no downtime with some microshedding at most.
Zero pain with gentle heat and mild tingling sensation felt.
Go back to the office immediately.
Minimal prep required.
Treatment is addictive.
Can be combined with other modalities.

How it works

BioRePeelCI3 FND is an innovative biphasic procedure with the biostimulating, revitalising and peeling actions indicated for the face, neck, decolletage.


Its biostimulating and revitalizing actions ensure fibroblasts activate to increase cellular turnover and synthesise collagen and elastin production.

In addition, hydrophilic phase promotes exfoliation, reduces fine lines by neutralization of free radicals, and helps battling acne, enlarged pores and comedones.


Has stabilizing and protective actions and reduces trans-epidermal water loss.

Restores and maintains the cutaneous hydro-lipidic film. Its moisturizing action increases overall hydration.


This technology is unique to BioRePeel 
Individually treatments will be $250 but our launch special offer is amazing value and ensures you get the best outcomes.
Launch special $799 for a pack of 4 BioRePeel.
BioRePeel Melbourne