Lira Mystiq Infused C


Lira is a prescription range. Chat to a therapist via our chatbot to order.

With years of research, development, and scientific consultation, Lira Clinical has perfected a formulation which introduces the exclusive Power Entourage in the new MYSTIQ Infused C.
Terpene-rich MASQ-tech TM , clinical cannabidiol and D-Limonene work with intentional clinical ingredients to initiate and restore natural, healthy skin function. This unique product formulation calms, soothes, and stabilizes all skin types and conditions.


Key Benefits:
– Powerful Anti-Inflammatory: Exclusive Power Entourage of terpene-rich MASQ- tech TM and clinical cannabidiol
– Even Skin Tone: Regulates melanocyte activity and suppresses sporadic hyperactivity brightening and maintaining even skin tone (CBD, BV-OSC, MASQ-tech™, Glutathione)
– Healthy Cell Turnover: Cannabidiol encourages healthy cell proliferation
– Collagen Synthesis: Lipid soluble Vitamin C (BV-OSC) increases collagen synthesis up to 50% stimulating GAGS (hydration) along with brightening and clarifying properties
– Antioxidant: Strong cytoprotective benefits prevent oxidative stress

– Balancing Hydration: Regulates skin’s natural homeostatic hydration balance with sebocyte differentiation, perfect for dry, normal, and oily skin types
– Efficient Delivery: Custom terpene blend allows for greater ingredient efficacy and overall product delivery for maximum, immediate results; Designer brightening delivery
– Universal Recovery: Use on all skin types and conditions including sensitive and compromised skin with colloidal silver and gold