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  • Saint Minerals Pressed Mineral Foundation

    Saint Minerals

    Saint Minerals Pressed Mineral Foundation

    INSTRUCTIONS Apply with sponge provided or for a lighter coverage apply with Saint Minerals Kabuki Brush in a downward movement. Convenient + quick for touch-ups. SHADES Shade 01 – Suitable for lighter skin tones with a yellow base.Shade 02...

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  • Elastense



      A luxurious treatment dedicated to defining, lifting and firming the neck and décolletage. Fortified with vitamin B3, marine and peptide technology, this deeply nourishing cream visibly reduces the appearance of ageing and provides instant...

  • Blem X


    Blem X

    Description A powerful spot treatment to reduce the appearance of blemishes and breakouts. This fast acting formula contains antimicrobial ingredients, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, to decongest pores, exfoliate and soothe irritated skin. Key...

  • RetiFol



    Description A step up from your entry-level vitamin A serum (Ultimate A), this powerful serum combines stable, controlled-release retinol and acid-free resurfacing peptide technology to amplify the skin's rejuvenating effects without adding acids...

  • Hydrolock



    Description An intense anti-ageing moisturiser to nourish and repair dry skin. This ultra-hydrating cream smooths the appearance of fine lines and restores the skin barrier for soft and supple skin. Key ingredients   Blackcurrant Seed...

  • Bright Enlight


    Bright Enlight

    Description A lightweight milk moisturiser to improve uneven skin tone, restore moisture and refine the appearance of enlarged pores. A unique blend of antioxidants and marine and botanical extracts work in synergy to balance, purify and brighten skin...

  • Tridration B


    Tridration B

    Description This advanced cooling gel mask intensely hydrates and nourishes the skin on multiple levels with humectants (water magnets), water balancers and dermally active hyaluronic acid stimulators. This 5-minute express mask offers on-the-go...

  • Masque Erase


    Masque Erase

    Description An anti-ageing mask to nourish, repair and smooth fine lines. Enriched with collagen stimulating peptides, vitamin B3 and marine botanical actives. This treatment will restore your skin's natural glow overnight for plump, soft and youthful...

  • DeStress Oil


    DeStress Oil

    Description An antioxidant-rich facial oil to replenish and calm the skin by restoring essential barrier lipids. This lightweight formula combats visible redness and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a hydrated, dewy and even complexion. Key...

  • EvaPore-8



    Description An effective tonic to minimise pore size and oily shine. Enriched with active botanicals, this targeted formula leaves your skin refined, hydr Key ingredients Barosma betulina leaf extract Shown to inhibit sebocyte differentiation and...

  • ReVeal



    Description An alcohol-free chemical exfoliating serum to slough away surface skin cell build-up and decongest pores. A blend of 15% mandelic, malic, lactic and salicylic acids work together for increased luminosity, brightness...

  • ImprovEyes Day


    ImprovEyes Day

    Description A lightweight eye serum to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Fortified with hyaluronic acid to intensely hydrate, and advanced peptides to dramatically smooth visible fine lines and wrinkles of the delicate eye area. Key...

  • Dermiotic



    Please contact us via our chatbox to purchase Synergie as it is prescription only Description A daily elixir fortified with prebiotics and probiotics to balance the surface microbiome of the skin. A few drops target the appearance of skin stress,...

  • Derma Calm


    Derma Calm

    Please contact us via our chatbox to purchase Synergie as it is prescription only Description A soothing and repairing moisturiser enriched with advanced peptides to reduce the discomfort of itch, heat and irritation while minimising the appearance of...

  • Ultimate A


    Ultimate A

    Please contact us via our chatbox to purchase Synergie as it is prescription only Description As your ultimate skin regulator, this vitamin A serum promotes healthy skin renewal, balances oil flow, and addresses visible lines and uneven skin tone...

  • ImprovEyes Night


    ImprovEyes Night

    Please contact us via our chatbox to purchase Synergie as it is prescription only Description An intense age-defying treatment to reduce the appearance of lines, dryness, puffiness and dark circles. Enhanced with a luxurious blend of nourishing oils,...

  • EfficaC



    Description A rapidly absorbing, non-acidic vitamin C serum suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The biocompatible formula provides gentle and targeted penetration for maximum results. Vitamin C and coenzyme Q10 work in tandem to...

  • Xcell B


    Xcell B

    Description An advanced vitamin B3 serum fortified with 21% niacinamide and super antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD) to fight free radicals while strengthening barrier function and boosting water-holding skin lipids. As your essential multitasking...

  • Super Serum +


    Super Serum +

    Description A potent serum with six hero peptides, antioxidants and marine biomimetic ingredients to address signs of ageing. This cutting-edge serum mimics the visible effects of muscle relaxants, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and increases...

  • Vitamin B


    Vitamin B

    Description Our award-winning serum with 13% vitamin B3 (niacinamide). This formula strengthens barrier function and boosts water-holding skin lipids to promote a luminous glow within days. As a multitasking cosmeceutical, this is essential for all...

  • Reclaim



    Description Reclaim your youth with this luxurious age-defying moisturiser. Fortified with advanced peptide and marine biotechnology and the Lapacho bark 'tree of life' active, targeting cell life extension, this potent formula visibly lifts, firms,...

  • UltraCleanse



    Description Our bestselling, award-winning, cleansing gel to thoroughly wash away all traces of surface impurities and makeup, leaving the skin feeling refreshed, clean and balanced.  Key ingredients Lipid Layer Enhancer Complex (coco glucoside...

  • Synergie Uberzinc


    Synergie Uberzinc

    Description Our bestselling moisturiser fortified with 21% zinc oxide for physical solar protection and calming skin benefits. This luxe, non-greasy formula is rich in antioxidants to protect against free radicals, making it a daily essential protector...

  • Toskani Imperfection Peel Booster


    Toskani Imperfection Peel Booster

    Imperfection Peel Booster gently peels keratinised and superfluous corneocytes without irritating the skin. It acts only on the surface of the epidermis, breaking down the keratinised structures of dead cells into simple compounds. It also brings...

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