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Antiaging Eye Contour is a specially formulated moisturising serum to minimise the look of fatigue, treat wrinkles, refresh the eye area, and moisturise and calm the delicate skin around the eyes.

Its active ingredients work in synergy to resist wrinkle appearance and diminish wrinkles and expression lines already formed. It also helps prevent the loss of firmness, helps the skin return to its natural health, and provides an overall rejuvenating effect.


15 ml tube with special ceramic applicator for the eye contour

Product Benefits

Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the periorbital zone Provides a strong rejuvenating effect


Skin Type: All skin types
Skin Condition: Dehydrated or dry skin, mild, moderate & advanced wrinkles, fine lines, skin laxity, puffiness


Antiaging Eye Contour is recommended to be used in combination with products of Aquabalance or Skin Architect.
Antiaging Eye Contour should be applied once the skin is cleansed, and the selected Topical Ampoule, Mesoserum, and Cream is fully dry.
Apply Antiaging Eye Contour with light pressure following the directions outlined below Allow to fully before you apply your foundation and normal makeup

Active Ingredients Benefits:


Provides the skin with a smooth and firm appearance.
Acts as a powerful antioxidant to reduce cellular stress and lipid peroxidation
Inhibits redness and relieves discomfort.

Hyaluronic Acid

Improves your skin’s moisture content and at the same time strengthens the natural skin barrier Makes the skin look and feel softer, smoother, and plumped

Organic Silicon

Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis Fights against skin laxity
Inhibits the formation of free radicals

Extract of Ginkgo Biloba

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8

Smoothes and prevents the formation of expression lines

Olive oil

Has a powerful antioxidant effect by fighting against free radicals
Smoothes the appearance of expression lines

Hordeum vulgare

Hydrates skin (deep effect) Reduces wrinkles appearance Improves skin elasticity


Antioxidant effect against environmental free radical assault
Provides hydration

Provides many antioxidant benefits, thanks to its high levels of quercetin, a common and powerful antioxidant
Increases circulation

Helps to prevent capillary fragility and to boost collagen formation as well as fibroblasts creation